Monday, January 26, 2009

010 - Black


Black is sort of an enigma of a game. I hated it, yet I enjoyed it at the same time. Sure, the story was crap, as were the cutscenes and the bad acting in them, the terrible dialogue with swear words put into every gap, giving them an unnatural sound, the repetitious enemies, the very basic environment damage caused by the explosives, the annoying checkpoints, and uninspiring gameplay. Yet, I enjoyed it because it had tons of explosions, shooting people was fun, and it handled surprisingly well for a console First Person Shooter.
One day, when I was bored, I decided to draw a comic dedicated to this enigma.

Now, since I have ludicrous examples of what causes explosions in this comic, allow me to go over the explosions to point out if they actually do happen in the game.

1.) A grenade will cause a large explosion, sometimes followed by other explosions, like the grenade had a suitcase full of other grenades with it.
2.) Shooting red barrels, hell, red anything, will cause a large explosion. As, more often than not, there are other explosives within the damage radius of the explosion, there will be several more explosions afterward.
3.) Strangely enough, killing an enemy with a rocket launch will make them explode. Why? I don't know. I imagine it's because the player has shot the rocket launcher itself enough times that the rocket inside the launcher exploded, but that makes no sense. That, and I don't think that's how rockets work.
4.) An explosive next to a building means that explosion will obliterate the building. Fun stuff.
5.) Unfortunately, there are no cats in Black. If there were, however, they would, no doubt, explode.
6.) Guns do not explode when swapping them for other guns. Not even the rocket launcher.
7.) That drawing doesn't look a thing like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

So, there you have it, the "fact and fiction" of my comic. Goody.
As you may or may not notice, the artwork is improved somewhat in this comic over the course of drawing the ones before. That's because, at this point, I was getting used to drawing in Photoshop. However, I still wasn't great. I've improved quite a bit since then, but I'm still far from perfect. In this comic, I also managed to figure out the dark secret of newspaper dots, and then used the crap out them for this.
Despite my improvements with Photoshop, I was still a rookie (still am), and the comic took over fourteen hours over the course of three days to make. Yeesh.
Still, it was a fun comic and a good learning experience for me.

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