Monday, January 26, 2009

004 - Deep Thoughts With Topcatyo 1

Deep Thoughts With Topcatyo

If by "deep" you mean the depth of a pond.
I got the idea for this comic after I watched a thirty minute-long Youtube video that featured a large collection of intros to cartoons from the 90's. Since I grew up in the 90's, it was a huge nostalgia trip for me. I got to see the intros to some cartoons I had not seen for a long time, but yearned too. I noticed every single cartoon from the 90's had a cheesy song with lyrics. It was like being four all over again.
I even remember some cartoons I didn't remember before seeing the video.
One of these was Mighty Max.

Here was the premise (what I remember of it) for Mighty Max:

Mighty Max is a, oh, let's say ten year old kid. When he puts on this red hat with a large "M" on it, he is suddenly transported to this other, super dangerous world, where this big guy and some talking owl and he go on dangerous adventures and barely escape death.
Does that put the comic in perspective? Do you kinda sorta get it now?
Again, deep as a pond. About as funny as one, too, I'm sure.

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