Monday, January 26, 2009

006 - Minor Ways to Hurt Yourself 2

Minor Ways to Hurt Yourself 2

"...and the Lord said, 'Let there be a sequel!'"
That's not the exact quote, but it's kinda close.
Anyway, I discovered this fun way to inflict pain on oneself long before I discovered the Playstation controller one, but I never found a reason to tell anyone about it.
The first comic in the series created a perfect opportunity. It created a nice segue for me to draw about hurting oneself with a bag of Skittles.

You may notice a difference in artwork between this series and my other comics. For these comics, I wanted to draw them up fast. As I was not experienced with drawing from scratch with Photoshop, it took me a long time to make the previous comics, despite how simple they looked.
However, I'd been using Macromedia Flash for a long time. Since Flash 5. So, I could doodle something quick in Flash and be done with it.
I wanted to finish each of the comics in this series within an hour (and I did), so Flash was the perfect opportunity. I could draw the image up (and it'd look nice and smooth too since Flash's paintbrush tool automatically smoothed every line you made if you set it that way). After the picture was drawn up, I'd export it as a .png, increase the resolution by about 300 and then import it into Photoshop. When it was put into Photoshop, the increased resolution made the image appear enormous. In Photoshop, I'd shrink the pictures down, put in the panels and words, organize everything, and I'm done.
It was quite nice, but Flash Is not the most rewarding program to draw in. The smooth feature had a way of butchering your lines. They'd be drawn weird or misshapen and it wouldn't look quite like you drew it.
Photoshop was much better for drawing, but it took a lot more practice to get it to look good. I'm still practicing, but I'm getting better.

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