Monday, January 26, 2009

003 - Poker With Frank

Poker With Frank

After I had shown off a few of my comics a while ago, a friend of mine said, "Hey, would you mind drawing me a comic?" Being the nice guy I am, I cussed him out of the room and told him I wished to never see him ever again ever.
After he persistently asked me for the next three days, I caved in and said I would draw his comic.
One of his hobbies was playing online poker. From what I hear, he's very good. Anyway, this was the original idea he gave me for the comic. He had another one with an alternate punchline, but it would be a confusing punchline if you didn't play Poker a lot, and I already excluded quite the audience with my last comic, so I'm posting the easier to understand version.
This is still when I didn't quite have the newspaper dots figured out, and I still didn't care about cleaning up my lineart.

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