Monday, January 26, 2009

014 - Topcatyo Finishes The Phoenix Wright Series

Topcatyo Finishes the Phoenix Wright Series

It's strange. I make a comic during the middle of the Phoenix Wright series with an esoteric joke that people who haven't played the series would not understand, and when I've finished the entire series and know everything about the games, I do a comic that's easy to grasp and anyone would be able to understand.
Shouldn't it be backwards? Ah well.

The artwork in this comic took forever and I hate it. This was when I was still using the old dated form of cleaning my lineart up that took forever and didn't look great. So, drawing this comic took me far too long and the result for each panel looks so different from the others it looks like a collaboration of several different artists, or I drew the panels with years between each other.
Well, lessons to learn for next time.
Didn't I have a soda in the first panel?

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