Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I will update again soon...

You may or may not have noticed that I haven't posted anything since my brief stint of posting when I put all the comics up.
Or you might not have. This blog gets no viewers.
Anyway, I have an explanation. I'm jotting down ideas left and right, and when I have what I feel is a sufficient amount, I'll start updating again. My plan is this:
1.) If I have ideas for comics, I can get them drawn and colored and formatted and what-have-you easily enough, thus updates will be regular.
2.) As I update (maybe two a week, that'd be nice), I'll get more ideas that will replace the ideas I have used, thus I will constantly have ideas to update with.
3.) Well, there ya go.

So, yeah.
God, this would be so much easier if I was a gaming webcomic or some movie webcomic. I could just read the latest general news about video games and then be like "Oh, I'll draw a comic about how utterly confusing and fucked up Noby Noby Boy looks! Here I go doop doop."
But no, I've decided I'll just do a comic on whatever suits my fancy and won't go down that road. I've decided to be better than that.
But man, it'd just be so much easier...

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