Sunday, March 1, 2009

018 - You Never Know Who It Is

Ah tits, I'm a couple minutes late :( Sorry, bros, I tried to get it in as close to midnight as I could. At least it's still Monday.

Thus ends last week's trial to have this comic finished in time by today. I learned quite a bit from it. I immediately forget what it is a learned but I still learned something and that's all that mattered. Besides, I'm sure I have my lessons written down somewhere.

Making this comic was an ordeal. I finished the last two panels on Sunday which barely any time to spare. During the entire weekend I was in a funk and I just couldn't get my drawings to look right. Panel 3 was drawn on Friday and panel 4 on Saturday. Panel 3 is not as egregious as panel 4 is. It's like the lines went on a diet! Each panel might as well have been drawn by someone else! Gah! Consistency is definitely something I need to work on.

One of my main focuses of this comic was getting the three characters in this comic to look different from each other without resorting to the obvious "easy-way-out" tricks. I wanted the characters head shapes to be different without making one's in the shape of a triangle, one's a ball and one's a square. I wanted the features on their face to be different without having one having a gigantic nose while the other has none. I wanted them to behave differently, and everything. Unfortunately, the comic in the end did not serve as a good practice for quite a few of the variations I wanted to work on, but I still got a bit of practice in. Oh well. There'll be many more comics with lots of people in that will be great for practicing with.

So, when I made this comic, I had seen The Thing about an hour before. It was awesome. The Thing is an amazing example of a horror movie that doesn't add in unnecessary fluff or stupid plot points that beat around the bush and add time. It's straightforward. The Thing comes to the arctic base the cast is on and shit gets fucked up. There's no romantic interest that distracts the character and makes him lose his cool, there's no "this character misses his wife and we get many shots of him staring at a family photo longingly". It's great.

It even had all the great things about horror movies that all horror movies should have. As anyone in their crew could be The Thing, so everyone is paranoid and freaking out and no one trusts anyone. The movie can be truly suspenseful at times and you're constantly wondering what will happen next. The gore and special effects in the movie are great too. The animatronics used for the film are top notch and disgusting and everything.

See The Thing right now. You're welcome.
-See you next Monday.

According to a person who read my comic, my comic is way too wide. Looking at it, yes it is. 1600 width is just 80 pixels below my screen, and I have a new somewhat big-ish screen, so that's definitely too wide. I'll make sure to fix that with the next comic.

Ah, learning experiences.

Wow, looking at this comic I made so many errors. Gah, I should be ashamed.
Well, I am. Slightly.

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  1. I thought it was pretty good. But the thing that bothered me was the text bubbles. They just don't fit. I'd suggest just making a text bubbles with a black outline and filled with white. The gradients and the font, just don't fit.