Monday, March 2, 2009

019 - Deep Thoughts 2

Since I've decided to regularly update this comic, I've changed several things in the way I go about making my comic. The first being that now I actually work hard and consistently on it instead of here-and-there over a couple months. Another is that I've added the title of the comic (since it now has one) up at the top all pretty-like, put my name and the name of that specific comic beneath it, and I've hidden my name once somewhere in each comic (starting at the M & M one).

Why do I bring this up? No reason, really. I dunno, maybe trying to find my name in every comic will be fun. It's not hard.

There were several problems with my comic about The Thing last week. One of the big ones was that, simply, the comic was too fucking wide. It was 1600 px, which barely fits onto my widescreen monitor. That's a tad redonkulous. So, this comic and from now on, I've got a set width for the comic. I'm not the biggest fan of the set width since I like to keep my pages nice and big, but, let's face it, nobody likes scrolling to the side. No one. So, while I like my comic to be wide, I've made viewing it less annoying for everyone.

Another problem was the joke in itself. I knew full well that not every has seen The Thing. It's an amazing movie and you should watch it right now.
However, what I failed to take into account was people who've never even heard of the movie The Thing. I dunno, I guess it slipped by me or maybe I thought it was as familiar as King Kong. So, those who have never heard of the movie The Thing were totally left in the dark with the comic and thought that the guy had mutated from the T-Virus (from Resident Evil) or that the joke was just completely off-the-wall random pertaining to nothing. I'm not going to say I'm above a random joke that makes no sense, I can't help it if I do, but I do hate those kinds of jokes. I swear last comic was not one of those.

I hope.

Anyway, the third and biggest problem for last week's comic (for me) was consistency. I can not stay consistent when drawing. Whenever I do this comic, all the panels look different, have a different composition, line width, everything's different. It's something I've tried to correct for a long time. I'd draw the same picture over and over for hours on end trying to get two of them to look alike, but they never do. Am I missing something here? How can I not get them to look at all similar? I mean, I like variation, but within acceptable limits.

I managed somewhat better than the last comic. The lines are now basically the same thickness now, and the style is more consistent and things are less jumpy. However, I still notice annoying quirks and differences between the separate panels that bother me.

I'd hate to see myself draw anime. I mean, it all looks the same.
Plus it's anime.
Hey watch me troll.


Last week, someone commented directly onto the blog (that was awesome, thank you). Their complaint was that they felt the speech bubbles didn't fit the style of the comic at all and that the two don't mesh. They clash. They rock the Casbah in a bad way.

Now, I can perfectly understand their reasoning. The artwork has thick outlines and single colors and no shading save for when it helps improve the mood of the comic (I've done that, like, once, so far). On the other hand, the speech bubbles consist of a 1 pixel line at 50% opacity with a white to very light gray gradient. They're practically opposites.

However, I've grown quite fond of my little bubbley bubbles. I think they look nice and clean, don't get in the way of the artwork too much and contain the dialogue quite nicely while remaining incognito, letting the viewer focus on the important things: the artwork and dialogue.
Though, the speech bubbles may very well not be doing that since someone took notice to how they don't like them. Oopsy.

But I dunno, I like them. I've done your generic, thick outline blank white background speech bubbles before and, while there's nothing wrong with them, I always like a little variation. Yes, you can always make them a different color for special characters, like red for an evil overlord (who would pop in to help deliver a punchline, not kill people. I'm specifically hoping to avoid subjecting this little comic thingy to Cerebus Syndrome). But, even then, when that evil overlord appears once ever, maybe twice if he's required again, I go back to ho-hum black and white speech bubbles.

Now, I really do hate to disregard constructive criticism. I appreciate it immensely that someone took the time to explain how I could fix something up. Thank you. However, my own personal feelings are getting in the way since I really like the speech bubbles. If I were a Jedi, Yoda would be giving me an incredibly harsh, vague, and confusing talking to right now.

So, are the speech bubbles a no go, or are they really not so bad? Please note I may disregard your opinion anyway. Just this once, I promise. I really do like the speech bubbles.


Up until Wednesday I considered putting two comics in the update this week. I wanted to for two reason:
1.) This comic took a really short time to draw. While last week's took up until midnight of Sunday to finish, I finished this one Thursday night. I figured that, since I had plenty of time left over, I'd give those who actually decide to check this site out a little treat. Some fan appreciation without drawing tits.

2.) I am absolutely unsure as to whether this comic is funny or not. I kind of find the comic funny, but at the same time I know I'm inclined to find my own shit funny. Besides, this comic seems obscure and random as hell. In all honesty, it made perfect sense when I had this thought, but I've let it simmer, and I dunno.

Okay, there's a third.
3.) I didn't get it finished in time. I'm a slow worker, okay?

Anyway, I decided against putting up two comics for one reason and one reason alone.
If I get more comics done this week, that's more time on my hands to have this site updated on time. This is a huge experiment to see if i can consistently keep this site updated every Monday, and I certainly want to help things in my (and anyone who reads this) favor by having something new consistently. If I put up two comics in one week, while that would be awesome, that's an extra idea I've used up and that's time I could have spent getting more comics done in advance for future weeks. Maybe even finish a super-duper long one.

Am I saying I'll never surprise those who've stumbled upon this place with two comics one week? No, I'd love to do multiple comics in some updates. Hell, three would be awesome. But, as I am no super comic-making awesome mastermind who is consistently funny and doesn't take an entire White Stripes album per panel, I just can't manage that right now.

Trust me when I say, though, that I used this time to make next comic a little experiment in art. WARNING It's a video game comic, and probably also very unfunny, but it'll be something different and definitely worth the effort (for me, at least).

I still love ya, anonymous reader. Thank you for actually noticing me, if even for about ten seconds.
-Have a good week.

I do have this little ditty I drew in a minute, just for you.
I guess this technically counts as jumping on the "making a Watchment-related comic" bandwagon. Oh well. I have yet to read it, and I really want to see the movie. I'll get ahold of the comic this week, read it, then watch the movie this weekend.

Evidence would dictate I did no research for this mini (purely out of laziness). I am 70% sure Rorschach is not the character who says that in the movie (I merely put his face there because he looks cool and is one of the more distinguishable faces in the trailer, in my opinion).

Also, I took no effort in correctly portraying his mask. I didn't bother going to Google to find an image of his face to draw the ink splatters on his mask. Again, I was really lazy. So I made my own. Oh well.
Then again, his face is a goddamned Rorschach ink blot test. His mask might have different ink blots on it throughout the graphic novel/movie, I dunno, I'll have to see.

-Have a good week.

Holy goddamn this is a long post! I wish I'd proofread it!

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  1. Thank you for your kind words, I am awesome B) This time the bubble didn't bother me as much, I have no idea why, but good job. Made me laugh. Keep it up.