Sunday, March 22, 2009

021 - How To Run Your Own Successful Fonzie Scheme!

Not a big fan of the art or colors in this one. I didn't enjoy drawing it, so by the time I finished this I just kinda wanted to get it done.

In case you are unaware for whatever reason, I won't question you, this comic is inspired by mishearing the news during the first report I heard of Bernard Madoff's Ponzi Scheme.

If you don't feel like reading Wikipedia (who can blame you), I'll explain a Ponzi scheme as simply and as best as I can. I hope I've got this right...

1.) Guy gets investors to invest in something and promises them a great profit in return for investing. Most of the investors in the Ponzi scheme are unaware that they're investing in a Ponzi scheme.

2.) Guy doesn't actually make any product or service and instead gets more investors to invest money to pay off the first investor.

3.) Repeat until the scheme inevitably collapses on itself for several possible reasons, such as not finding new investors or someone gets suspicious and contacts the authorities, etc.

Anyway, yeah, if you didn't get it before, hopefully you get the comic now.

So I've finished reading Watchmen. It was amazing. I want to read V for Vendetta now.

That's all I've got to say for now. This post must seem mercifully short after the last two I've written. Hell, you might even bother reading it.

Anyway, oh yeah, the mini.

Mini comic!

Comic is self-explanatory.

Man, if I were the guy that does XKCD, I probably could've made that graph a bajillion times better. Oh well, this is somewhere around the best I could do. XKCD is incredibly witty and whenever I read it I begin to wish I was as witty as XKCD or Dinosaur Comics, and then I start reading things and sit in a huge chair and smoke a bubble pipe and feel stupid for all the juvenile humor I've used in previous comics.

Some day I'll be super smart and think witty things! Art college won't help with that, but maybe they'll have some kind of "We Are Smarter Than You" club where I can learn neat things.

Time will tell.

Giving out even more love! No one asked for the first wallpapers, but I've given you another wallpaper anyway. Enjoy, fuckers!

1024 x 768

1280 x 960

1920 x 1200

-Have a good Monday.

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