Wednesday, April 8, 2009

024 - It's A Gas! Gas! Gas!

Tonight's comic is, hopefully, funnier and more visually stimulating than the last comic.

So, hey, I believe this brings my number of consecutive weeks I've updated on time to about eight! And to think I expected to only last three. So far I've been having a lot of fun doing this comic. Some weeks were more fun than others, but whatevs. I'm glad I've lasted this long.
Still, though, eight? Way more than I thought. That's gotta be more weeks updated on time than VG Cats has ever done. Well, here's to eight more weeks. Then eight more... and another eight...

Apparently I've done two comics within a short amount of time of each other both involving dental care. I never noticed, but I guess you could argue the case.
If you really care, you could sorta argue that this one has to do with it as well. You know, if you're desperate to find the correlation.
Since no one is as desperate as I am, I've done it for you.

1.) #019 - Deep Thoughts 2 - Holy tits on a pine cone! I'm brushing my teeth!
This is actually just because the comic would be more interesting if I was doing something. It's boring to just have your character standing around doing nothing. He has to be doing something, even some innocuous activity like brushing your teeth or painting your girlfriend's nails so as not to make it a complete talking heads scene.

2.) #023 - His Teeth Ain't White For No Reason - Well, yeah.

3.) - This week's comic - Apparently some dentists use laughing gas on their patients. I've never found one that does, which means I should switch dentists immediately.
Really, though, I was thinking along the lines of hospitals and their use of nitrous to sedate patients. Still doesn't stop the fact that apparently some dentists used laughing gas. It's funny, my friend decided to show me that video the day I started working on the comic. Who knows, Demetri Martin might decide to use my idea next week again. Maybe not.
Hopefully not.

So, there, we've got that dental hygiene stuff out of the way. I imagine that, despite my blatant lampshade hanging, it'll still be brought up. I imagine that since I just brought that up people will bring it up, and having just brought that up...
The existence of tongue-in-cheek humor has clearly had some negative effects on the world.
Whatever, let's move onto the real subjects.

The last couple of comics have received some criticism, which I can totally understand. They didn't have an amazing ending and some thought the actual jokes weren't that good or were missing altogether. I admit, for the chess piece one, I never did figure out exactly where to deliver "the funny". Sorry. Both comics ended after the joke as well, mostly because I'm a fan of anti-climax and I like it when a comic goes an extra panel after the punchline. When a comic ends directly on the punchline I can't help but see a giant "LAUGH NOW" sign flashing in front of me. I hate that.

Also, someone mentioned that my drawings are a tad boring. I can understand that as well. The last few comics I've done have been strictly people acting like people rather than cartoons. I like to do that every once in a while. There are times when drawings need to be exaggerated and goofy, and other times where that would just be unnecessary.

Anyway, this comic should hopefully avoid those two problems. Exaggeration and weird shit abound in this one, and it ends with a bang rather than a fizzle. That still doesn't mean it's funny, I'll let the feedback be the judge of that. I did enjoy making this comic, though. I set up a UStream thing and got some friends on and drew the comic while playing some Patton Oswalt (a hilarious stand-up comedian) and some music. It was fun times, though I did stay up until 4 AM on a day I had school. I ended up regretting that for the rest of the week...


If you haven't read Charles Dickens' novel Great Expectations, you won't get this. You should read it. It's good.
If you haven't seen Mike Judge's Office Space, you should see that. Shame on you for not seeing it, it's a great movie.

Anyway, to explain it to those not in the know, here goes.

In Great Expectations, Miss Havisham is a bitch (she's the old lady in the first panel). Toward the end of the novel, she catches fire and, this might be in the movie only (or in neither, I forget), the whole place burns down. Fwoosh.
In Office Space, the character of Milton is mistreated constantly, and remarks that he can burn the whole building down. At the end, he eventually does burn the building down. It's beautiful.

So, there you go. Great Expectations and Office Space.


- Have a great week.

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