Monday, April 13, 2009

025 - Dude Looks Like A Dude

...bringing my number of comics with a song reference to two.

Sorry it's a bit late.

I didn't have fun drawing the comics this week Well, maybe a bit more at the end, but I didn't have a blast, per se. I seem to be on-off with how much I enjoy drawing the week's comic. Last week I had a lot of fun drawing the comic, the week before that I definitely didn't (remember, I procrastinated to the last couple of hours), the week before that I had fun... so on and so forth.

Last week, I kinda sorta fucked up and forgot to post the latest version of the comic, meant to make the last panel more disturbing and whatnot. Rather than pulling a George Lucas (though, technically, I made this one before I even posted the comic, I just forgot to update it), I'll just post it here. Whether it's better or worse is up to you.

There ya go.

This week I decided I really need an improvement to this style that I use to draw. Too stiff. It's better than how I used to draw before this, but it's still got some huge flaws. I'm confining my head shapes and shit to circles with slightly different bottoms. Oh joy, that's so amazing. It's too "Boy these things have to be too much like a person's head while still not quite getting there." I need to make it better, more fun to look at and all that. Hmm....

Don't expect any immediate changes or anything.


This comic is kinda what helped me decide that I need to fix up the style, make it better and whatnot. I didn't enjoy drawing this, the other guy doesn't look good at all, especially the last panel.

- I just realized everyone in my comic is white and male. I should change that.
Have a good week.

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