Sunday, April 26, 2009

026 - Hot Stuff Coming Your Way

Boy am I mature!

This is what happens when you're out of state for the majority of the week and have to do the comic last minute.
It's also what happens when you use a funny joke from a conversation you had for a joke. I hate when people do that. I've done it about four times. I hate myself.

Fun fact: The title of this comic has several jokes. Two incredibly inappropriate ones, one that is a reference to a particularly hilarious review from the show X-Play on All-Day Cops Marathon Channel! (G4) that is also an inside joke between my brother and I.

You may remember last week's tasteless Nirvana joke I did.
Penny Arcade did a Kurt Cobain joke the following Wednesday. There's no way they copied me since nobody reads this comic, but I find it funny that this coincidence happened. This time, though, I beat them to the punch instead of them beating me to the punch like Demetri Martin did (damn you Demetri Martin! When is season two of your show coming?!).
Again, though, they did the joke better than I did. Oh well.


Oh look! Another wordplay! A whole week's update of wordplay! Aren't I just fucking hilarious?

Anyway, yeah, as you can see, I was pressed for time this week. As of writing this sentence here, I am two minutes late for my update. Curses!

-See you all next week.

Here's a little joke I forgot to include in this blog post about the Large Hardon Collider. In the extremely unlikely event the experiment should go wrong, the Earth may be sucked into a pink hole. Ahaw haw haw.

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