Sunday, May 3, 2009

027 - My Other Power Is Sexual Healing

Oh me.

I'm sorry this comic is another wordplay, but I did this last minute as a replacement for what was originally going to be this week's comic.

Why did I switch comics so late in the schedule? Well, to put it frankly, the first comic just wasn't funny. At all. It was two guys talking and laughing about how they accidentally killed their friend. It's much more tastefully done than what it sounds like, but it wasn't funny. At no point in the comic would someone say "Oh, haha, that's humorous in some way."

So I switched it for this comic which I came up with about five hours ago and drew an hour ago. It's much better. Maybe someone might actually find it funny? I'm not holding my breath, but I hope so.

So I'm very sorry to have a second consecutive week where the joke is some wordplay. Very very very sorry. Hopefully things will be different next week. Maybe I'll actually, you know, work on the comic before Sunday.

I start work again next week. Rafting season is beginning again, which means I can start earning money. With each paycheck I get I'm going to be putting a little bit toward a website and a little bit toward getting a fancy Cintiq monitor. It'll only be a forever and half before I get enough scratch saved up for one, but I'm patient. The rest goes to college and other general things like video games and not starving to death.

The prospect of having a Cintiq monitor excites me in ways it really shouldn't. Honestly, it's one of my dreams to have a Cintiq. Whenever I see one my mouth waters and I see a little montage of all the things Cindy (the name of the monitor in my dreams) and I would do together. The drawing. The doodling. The scribbling. The erasing. The laughing. The crying. The long walks in the park. Staring into each other for hours on end. The passionate lovemaking...

Right, anyway.


I've got no comment on this one. I thought up and did this about 7 minutes ago. I really procrastinated this week. I'm sorry.

I wonder if I apologize this much in my other posts... I should, you know, do updates I don't feel the need to apologize for.

-Have a frakkin awesome week.

PS. For the large amount who don't get the joke (sorry sorry sorry), in the last panel the skeleton is singing Dog Eat Dog by Adam Ant.

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