Monday, July 6, 2009

033 - Diminishing Returns

Hey how's it going I'm back. I hope you enjoyed your three weeks without any comics because they've come to an end.
Nothing fancy with this comic. Just something to get back into the groove. I don't like the drawing in the last panel.


In Italy, while I was relaxing at the hotel when not doing tourist-y stuff like sightseeing or getting food from restaurants, I'd see what was on Italian television. Let me tell you, Italian television programming is crazy. They've got some strange game shows, there's tits in commercials for bottled water, the late night programming is softcore porn, and their MTV actually plays music. It's crazy shit.

One thing I remember in particular was that I watched quite a few episodes of several shows, one of them being Power Rangers: Ninja Storm. All the episodes were in Italian, and I didn't have as good a grip on the language as I would have liked to have. So, I watched quite a few episodes of Power Rangers: Ninja Storm in a language I didn't understand yet. I've also forgotten a lot about the episodes since then. So, this synopsis of an episode is somewhat akin to Frankenstein's monster. It's ugly, it's big, and it's put together using several different episodes (probably).

Also, here's a colored version of a particular drawing in that comic I really like.


- Ciao!

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