Sunday, January 31, 2010

042 - Knowing Is Half The Battle

Since I've never seen any character stop, drop, and roll in a movie when they're on fire I don't really know if that ever works.


I actually have an explanation but I don't feel it's the right time to say it. Maybe in a couple months when things get a bit more concrete.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

041 - Hemophilia

I'm pretty sure blood does not work that way.

Last time I did a vampire comic, some people liked it. However, a more vocal majority hated the comic, complaining that it was just about a comic with a vampire that suddenly explodes whoa wacky random! Now, this certainly was never my intention, but I will admit now that I have some flaws in the way I did that comic that made it give off that sort of vibe.


"I don't give a fuck"

- Tupac.

By the way, I do hope the fake dark-and-scary background is more pleasing to the eye this time. I think it's at least an improvement. The last one just hurts my eyes. Sorry to subject you to that.


You know, every time I reread one of my comics after I've finished them, I absolutely hate the pacing. I really, really need to work on that (along with every other aspect of my comics. It's an endless struggle).

My good friend Kyle turned a number I won't specify this week. So, because it was cheaper than buying him something, I drew him a comic. Then I decided to use it as my mini comic because I did put quite a bit of effort into it and it would mean I wouldn't have to do a mini comic.

Since I managed to do two comics in one week, one might ponder "If he can do two comics in one week, why doesn't he update the site two days a week?"

I have a simple answer for that:

I can't write two comics a week. Hell, half the time the one comic a week I write isn't good. Here at Dragons With Pom Poms (it's just me), we value quantity over quality. Were I to update twice a week, I would have quantity, but my qualm is that the quantity would not be of good quality, and if I were to quantify the quality of the quantity there would be more comics of questionable quality. Quality is a requisite. I don't want a quasi-quantity by quelling quality. This comic requires a quantity with quality.

I hope that answers your question.

- I'm sorry about that piss-poor attempt to be witty. Have a good week.

Monday, January 4, 2010

040 - The Way of the Future

Hey, so I'm back! What's this, like, the fifth time?

Anyway, so there's a comic for ya. I made today. I did it all today. FOR YOU

Anyways, with this new tablet that I'm not expecting to break any time soon (knock on wood) and my New Year's Resolution (among many) to not procrastinate as much, maybe I can keep this comic consistent now! Here's hoping.

Here's a mini for ya

- Have a super-de-dooper week.