Wednesday, January 6, 2010

041 - Hemophilia

I'm pretty sure blood does not work that way.

Last time I did a vampire comic, some people liked it. However, a more vocal majority hated the comic, complaining that it was just about a comic with a vampire that suddenly explodes whoa wacky random! Now, this certainly was never my intention, but I will admit now that I have some flaws in the way I did that comic that made it give off that sort of vibe.


"I don't give a fuck"

- Tupac.

By the way, I do hope the fake dark-and-scary background is more pleasing to the eye this time. I think it's at least an improvement. The last one just hurts my eyes. Sorry to subject you to that.


You know, every time I reread one of my comics after I've finished them, I absolutely hate the pacing. I really, really need to work on that (along with every other aspect of my comics. It's an endless struggle).

My good friend Kyle turned a number I won't specify this week. So, because it was cheaper than buying him something, I drew him a comic. Then I decided to use it as my mini comic because I did put quite a bit of effort into it and it would mean I wouldn't have to do a mini comic.

Since I managed to do two comics in one week, one might ponder "If he can do two comics in one week, why doesn't he update the site two days a week?"

I have a simple answer for that:

I can't write two comics a week. Hell, half the time the one comic a week I write isn't good. Here at Dragons With Pom Poms (it's just me), we value quantity over quality. Were I to update twice a week, I would have quantity, but my qualm is that the quantity would not be of good quality, and if I were to quantify the quality of the quantity there would be more comics of questionable quality. Quality is a requisite. I don't want a quasi-quantity by quelling quality. This comic requires a quantity with quality.

I hope that answers your question.

- I'm sorry about that piss-poor attempt to be witty. Have a good week.

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